Tour of Washington County

Photo by Jim Wilson

The CAWES women put on a great show by finishing up a strong TOWC with a tactically brilliant criterium.  Alaina Gurski (CAWES) started it off with an attack just after the mid race prime.  She was quickly joined by Sara Clafferty (ABRT) and Ainhoa Perez-Diez (NVRC).  The three held a solid gap about 15 seconds ahead of the field while race leader, Monika Sattler (Battley Harley/XO) was giving it everything she had to defend her lead and bring back the two GC threats.  After the last prime, 3/4ths through the race, Ky Hunter (CAWES) jumped out of the field to bridge across solo to the break.  Once there, the remaining CAWES riders in the field – Sarah Iepson and Becky Chan – worked with the remaining ABRT riders to slow the pack.  Quickly the breakaway had over 30 seconds.  Shortly after, Ky made one more attempt to put the pressure on Clafferty but to no avail.  She was quickly marked and the race was to come down to a sprint amongst the breakaway.  CAWES riders took 3rd, 4th and 6th on the stage but more importantly, moved riders up to 2nd, 4th and 7th on GC – only 10 seconds down from the win.  Congrats to CAWES for riding a great team race and challenging for the overall win.


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